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SilverStoneGallelryPineRidge Arts Council facebook group page with info from members and galleries from across Canada.

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* 2017/8 PRAC Juried Shows

2017 Dates to remember

JAS Opening Nov. 2, 2017

Juried Photography Exhibition
Entry Deadline February 24, 2018
Opening Reception May 3, 2018

Juried Art Show 2018


* $$ Paid Opportunities $$

Also check opportunities!

* 2017 AGM and Arts Event
Next AGM Wednesday, April 5, 2017
* Ad Rates and Deadlines

Just how much does it cost to advertise in ArtScene or include flyers AND what are the deadlines.

Click here and you will find all this and more.

PDF of ArtScene Ad Rates

January/February Issue due November 20
March/April due January 20
May/June due March 20
July/August due May 20
September/October due July 20
November/December due September 20

* Art in Public Places
PineRidge Arts Council's initiative "Art in Public Places" works with local venues to display the works of PRAC's Durham Artists.
OPG, Pickering
McLean Community Centre, Ajax
Dentistry on Liverpool, Pickering
Reed's Florists, Pickering Town Centre
Body & Mind Wellness Family Chiropractic Centre
Debbie's Cafe, Ajax
* Art Scams to be AWARE of

If you are looking at an offer that looks too good to be true … check out our scam section.

Are they overpaying you for your work and asking you to send them the difference?

If you know of others not listed, let us know, we will add them to the list.

* Artfest on the Esplanade
* ArtScene


Contact ArtScene Editor

* Art Show Notices
* art Supplies for Sale (used)


1 Cerlox paper puncher with square holes and some supplies

8-12 Reams of 250 sheets Linen Laid (Wholesale each $28 and other “High End” printing stock $110)

Art supplies



* Helping Hands from PRAC

City of Pickering looking for volunteers for Oct. 14, 2017 for the Tom Thomson Celebration event.

Frequently we receive requests from organizations asking for donations from our members. It is not PRAC's policy to send requests to members, but as some members may choose to support different causes, we provide this list for them.

When you request donated artwork we know you have a plan to promote the event/ raffle in order for you to raise the most funds, so please include:

  • where the donation will be published/promoted (how the artist will be promoted/acknowledged)
  • do you issue a tax receipt
  • is it a 50/50 sharing of funds raised
  • what percentage of the value will the minimum bid be set at?
  • will you supply the artist with the name of the purchaser?
  • will there be a free event ticket for the artist?

Our artists are most generous and we look forward helping both you and the artist benefit from your partnership.

* Music and Theatre Auditions
* Promotional Tips

Between listing your event with ArtScene and PRAC's website, you have made a good start promoting your event.

Remember to include the 6Ws

* Reason to be a prac member
As if ArtScene delivered to you door isn't enough - click here!
* Register your prac event
PRAC members are invited to list their event or event they are participating in. Just send the plain text (no attachments, jpegs, pdfs, pngs or word documents) or complete this on-line form HERE
* Sculptures in Durham
This page needs updating, if you know of an outdoor sculpture that should appear, let us know.

Arts Civic Award

2012 Arts Award
for the SilverStone Gallery

PRAC thanks its supporters

PRAC supporters

Juried Art Show

2018 call for art


Methods of payment include: cheque (payable to Pineridge Arts Council), PayPal and eTransfer

Artfest ~ Saturday, May 26, 2018

Artfest on the Esplanade

Facebook Photos: Event | Masks

The Arts in Durham Region

With the 2018 Provincial Election fast approaching PineRidge Arts Council and Durham West Arts Centre would like to hear your view and commitment on the following.

Most Canadians believe that the Arts are important to the Quality of Life, yet funding for the arts takes a back seat.

  • We were wondering if you will / if you support the Arts and the role it plays in our lifestyle?

  • Should our provincial government take the leadership role financially?

  • Would arts centres be considered infrastructure projects?

  • Will you support an arts centre in Pickering?

  • Comments you would like to add?

We look forward to your replies and will publish all responses on our websites.

Read replies HERE

AGM ~ "Arts in Harmony" ~ April 4, 2018

Great Event! Photos on facebook HERE | Pickering Snapd HERE

Gwen Williams thanks Frances Townend and Kevin Dashney for their performance.

Heather Whaley sends this info on a fundraiser in honour of prominent storyteller and writer B. George Blake, at Club Carib on May 12th. He passed away at age 95 on January 10th 2018. George was a member of PRAC until age interfered with his independence. He frequented the writing scene and storytelling scene, and served and represented his culture in the arts significantly in his younger years and as an elder in our community. Many, many people knew him.

This is a fundraiser to preserve George’s voice by collecting pre-recorded stories and transferring them to better quality audio and video for archiving. Heather was working on the project with him before he died. If any PRAC members might possibly have any recordings or photos I would appreciate borrowing them.
Contact Heather Whaley FACEBOOK

INDIE AUTHOR ~ October 19 to 22, 2017

Indie Author DaysPineRidge Arts Council was pleased to partner with Indie Author Day, Pickering Library, Angie Littlefield and Marangi Editions in this first Pickering Indie Author Day.

Guest Authors | Images on Facebook | Pickering Snapd

next Indie Author day ~ October 13, 2018

2017 Tom Thomson Events

Angie Littlefield ~ numerous talks and presentations check HERE

Pickering Township Historical Society, Pickering, Sept. check HERE

Lynde House Museum, Whitby, Sept. check HERE

Celebrate the life and art of Tom Thomson, Claremont, Oct. HERE

Congratulations to Oshawa Art Association

OAA Gallery 67 Opening


Fabulous support from the city, Holiday Inn, the community and artists for OAA's new venture. With your 5600 sq. ft ground floor premises, you ARE the envy of neighbouring communities. Your friends at PRAC wish you every success!
Gallery will be open 3 days a week starting this Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm. Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10-4pm.
67 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa  | | FACEBOOK

Art Supplies for sale

Got gently used arts related items
to sell or swap?
PRAC members can have them listed
on-line for free.


1 Cerlox paper puncher with square holes and some supplies

8-12 Reams of 250 sheets Linen Laid (Wholesale each $28 and other “High End” printing stock $110)

Art supplies


ArtScene: Durham's best source for visual and performing arts

Did you know our advertising rates are the same as they were in 2003!




Send e-transer to
and password in separate email

or email us with the info

We are now using JotForm for our
on-line forms.

6 Ws

  • When ~ date and time of the event
  • Who ~ the PRAC group or artist
  • What ~ the name of the event
  • Why ~ what is the reason for the event (about 10 words)
  • Where ~ where will the event be held
  • Website ~ where to go for more info, buy tickets etc or at least a phone number or e-mail address



NEW Most of May/June 2018 issue HERE

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Under the pages, there should also appear thumbnails to help you find the page you are searching for fast.

If you have questions about this format, please drop us a line HERE.

Contact ArtScene Editor


Great new news, the City of Pickering has awarded PineRidge Arts Council with a Community Grant!


Pickering Rotary Club cheque presentationGreat news! Thanks to the Rotary Club of Pickering for their continued support and snapd Pickering and Kim Lowes for these great PHOTOS


dwacThank you to Durham West Arts Centre for continuing to support PineRidge Arts Council's exhibitions.



EnbridgeGreat news! Enbridge Pipelines Inc. continued their support of Mask Magic at Artfest and Janice and her team are ready to encourage children young and not so young in the popular annual expression of art in Pickering.


OptimistGreat news!
Thank you for your continued support of our Juried Art Show Youth Awards!


MailChimpHope you are enjoying the PRAC updates through MailChimp. Please remember if your event is not included, it is not on the website. If you choose to not receive these, just click Unsubscribe and please do not mark as SPAM! If you would like to receive copies (about 5-6 times per year) please click on the MailChimp button above.



Since 1989 PineRidge Arts Council Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization has been dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts.

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