2007 AGM

PRAC 2007 AGM - double click on photos for larger images

Barry Johnson and Barry Potter (16kb) BW piper (20kb) BW - Betty Debeau as Granny Slack (21kb) BW - The Byrd Sisters and Mayor Dave Ryan (31kb) BW - Granny Slack and Cottonwood Slack (37kb)
BW - Cameron Penn, Jillian Harris and Fran Stecyk (30kb) BW - Cameron Penn and Betty Debeau (32kb) Fran Stecyk, Jillian Harris and Paul Harris (27kb) Backwoods Players (24kb) Gwen Williams presents Julie Oakes with a token of appreciation (28kb)
Helen McKenna, Katrina Pyke and Julie Oakes (24kb) Julie Oakes (23kb) Katrina Pyke, Julie Oakes and Pam Auguste (21kb) Katrina Pyke and Paul Harris (18kb) Katrina Pyke and Julie Oakes (21kb)
Tableau vivant (25kb) Cathy Schnippering, PRAC President 2006/7 (20kb) Cheryl Bannister (28kb) Colleen Jordan speaking on behalf of Mayor Parish (23kb) Phyllis Desjardins (24kb)
PRAC 2006/7 Executive (18kb) Gwen Williams, Lou Schnippering and Mike Ruta, raffle winner (25kb) Hi, Alpheus Jones and Dorsey James (17kb) Don Hightower, Helen McKenna (26kb) Ivo Azevedo and Bob Hines (20kb)
Rosalea Johnson, Dave Ryan, Barry Johnson and Mia Azevedo (22kb) Lou Schnippering and Gwen Williams' Lou Schnippering and John Sabean (18kb) Bill McLean, Gwen Williams and Dave Ryan (16kb) Mia Azevedo and Sandy Hinves (21kb)
Franca Bob Bourke and Shelley Beach (21kb) Carolyn Pascoe and Kim Robertson (20kb) AGM silent auction (25kb) AGM (17kb) AGM (19kb)
AGM artists' exhibition (22kb) PRAC artists' art exhibition (21kb) Mike Polak, Bob Bourke and Joanne Dyes (22kb) PRAC 2007 AGM (26kb) PRAC 2007 AGM (18kb)
PRAC 2007 AGM (20kb) PRAC 2007 AGM (21kb) PRAC 2007 AGM (23kb) PRAC 2007 AGM (18kb) PRAC 2007 AGM (18kb)
PRAC 2007 AGM (24kb) Johnand Louise Raynard, Pam Auguste and Gwen Williams (22kb) Rick Johnson and Kevin Ashe (15kb) Rosemary Potter and Rosemarie Sood (15kb) Dave Ryan and Gwen Williams (21kb)
Dave Ryan and Walter Narsingh (24kb) Dave Ryan and Mike Ruta (18kb) Sandy and Bob Hinves (20kb) Sue, April and Cathy (21kb) Sue, April and Cathy (23kb)
Sue and Cathy (29kb) Sue and Cathy (22kb) Sue Hinecke and Bob Hinves (20kb) Walter Narsingh (34kb)  

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