PineRidge Arts Council
2005 Juried Art Show
Official Opening of the 7th Annual Juried Art Show Guests and
Maura Broadhurst, Juror and Latcham Gallery Curator
From left: Angie Littlefield, DWAC; Mike Ruta, News Advertier; April Polak, Cathy Schnippering, Susan Hinnecke and Gwen Williams PRAC Executive; Bob Brown, Ivo and Mia Azevedo and Irene Seetner
From top left: Gail George, Shirley Heard Joan Attersley; Cyril Cox Barb Zents
2nd row: Bob Welbourn Barry Bateman; Tony Doyle, edior News Advertiser; Emma, Holly and Stephen Young
From top left: Gwen Williams, Lisa Warth (town of Ajax), April Polak and Anja Knuuttila; Sandy and Bob Hinves, Barb Talbot, GeorgeSpall
2nd row: Arin Por, Livia Tsang, Andrea Por; AJ and Mike Ruta, News Advertiser
Marilyn Beaven Smith and friend; Christopher Lee, Betty Tersigni; Cathy and Lou Schnippering and Jennifer Wiffin
From top left: Mrs. Lindo and Susan Lindo, Mia Azevedo, Cathy S.;
Joanne Dies, Ajax Councillor, Rosemary Parish, Mike Polak.
2nd row: Lou S, Pam Auguste; Linda Downs, Hi Sook Barker, Mary Lumb and Anne Jackson
Paul and Michelle Odorico; Susan Lindo’s carved zucchini; Pam Auguste, Michael Jack; Hazel Powell, Carol Palmer-Spall
2nd row: Bob Bourke; Marissa and Glen Sweet; Lionel Furs
We have most of our guests names, but if we missd yours or there is a typo by the photos, please let us know.

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