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PRAC ArtScene and Web Calendar Promos Tips

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If you are a PineRidge Arts Council member and would like to have your event, meeting or activity posted to the web calendar, or included in the next issue of Artscene just drop us a line. Please keep the info short and include your website and I will place a link to it. If you don't have a website, include a contact's phone number. Members are encouraged to list their events on our Facebook group page

Not a member yet? Go to our membership page - don't miss another day without your copy of ArtScene delivered to your door and the advantages of a PRAC membership.  ArtScene is published six time a year.

Tips on promoting your event with PRAC

Between listing your event with ArtScene and PRAC's website and Facebook page, you have made a good start promoting your event.

For the website ALL I want are the basic 6 Ws in plain text so I can copy and paste your material into the calendar pages.
I won't retype an invitation or flyer no matter how great it looks. Just remember the 'KISS' rule and keep it simple.

  • When ~ date and time of the event
  • Who ~ the PRAC group or artist
  • What ~ the name of the event
  • Why ~ what is the reason for the event (about 10 words)
  • Where ~ where will the event be held
  • Website ~ where to go for more info, buy tickets etc or at least a phone number or e-mail address

You will notice some of the calendar pages are for this year and some for last. Last year's will be replaced when new information becomes available. Some people would like approximate dates or contact info on past events, this is their last chance to get that information. As the webmistress, it makes my life easier. I don't have to continually update this page and the others.



The PineRidge Arts Council is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhance the quality of life
within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts since 1989.

PineRidge Arts Council
650 Kingston Road
P.O. Box 18258 Steeple Hill Postal Outlet
Pickering, Ontario L1V 1A0

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