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2019 Annual Juried Art Show ~ now closed

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PineRidge Arts Council's 20th Annual Awards Presentations

Opening Reception of Juried Art Show

McLean Community Centre, 95 Magill Drive, Ajax, L1T 3K7

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CONTACT: Susan Brown | Brian Smallman
225 County Road 8
Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0


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PineRidge Arts Council's 2019 Juried Art Show
Jury Notes by Valerie Kent

Angela Hennessy I Promise to Write
If “I Promise to Write” were not a painting, but a dance, it would be a majestic waltz. It entrances the viewer onto the dance floor of its strong design.
It is unique: its overall strength is its cruciform composition. Each shape fits from solidity into solidity. It has an armature of values that are clear and strong, with a prominent dark shape, the mid-tone proportionately placed over the picture plane, and all is highlighted by the lace of white light.
The colour choices are subtle, all working together as a unified whole. Further into the dance there are fields of ochre surprised by the reds repeated on the surface, hand-in-hand with the movement created by its obvious and inherent texture, rhythm, pattern.
This painting calls for nothing less, nothing more.

Gerry Herridge The Mighty Oak
“The Mighty Oak” convolutes into pictorial design, playing dark against light.
It emphasizes an unusual point of view nudging and stretching into the negative space.
It attracts and retains attention with its verticality, balanced by horizontal strokes. The twisted diagonals create an instinctive conflict.
There is a finesse in how the delicate, singular lines converge to wrest themselves free to become a strong, powerful, solid whole.

Rosemary Olivier Woven Woodland
“Woven Woodland” is a symmetrical, horizontal composition.
It is also a statement in sharp, brilliant colour.
The selected colours transition expertly from warm to cool, left to right.
It has a clean, bright colourful center of interest. This work is beautifully realized.

Sheila Davis All That Jazz
“All That Jazz” plays its music with a rhythm of rectangular, hard-edged snowshaped formations and loose brushstrokes.
Luminous verticals emerge from the warm golden background, then move closer to the foreground, overlapping and layering, by pillowing volumes to lift the snow-laden trees out from the forest.
Negative painting, interspersed with complementary and analogous colour highlights produce both a sense of harmony, and of strong movement.
The lower right quadrant centre of interest compels the viewer into the dynamic design.

Wayne Lovett The Mitsio, Nosy Be, Madagascar Dive Wreck
This painting sees the world, “from both sides now.”
There is a harmony of colours, yellow, green, blue, purple, juxtaposed with subject matter of momentous discord.
A strong tie exists between the colour, the form, the shapes and lines, all working in tandem.
It is the perspective that entreats the eye beyond the surface but it is the creative energy that carries it.

Glenda Amodeo Mixed Media Abstract #5
“Mixed Media Abstract #5” is a Mondrianesque, reimagined imagery and incorporates bold colour playfulness.
It is unified, and has the ability to relay feeling within its technical artistry.
This work harbours the puzzle of textures and shapes which are breaking away within its defining constraints.

Ian Winton After the Game
“After the Game” encapsulates fluidity and economy of form, the sparseness glides over the white surface.
The colour selection is subtle, in total harmony with the mode and grace of its expression. Ochre, black, burnt sienna, red and neutral gray are the DNA of the painting. The shapes appear to move and dance, morph and move again.
This is a clean, bright expression of mastery.

Cheryl Bannister WHAZ UP!
“Here is where I stop horsing around and become a work of fine art.”
It is no happy accident that the point of view is unique and the focal area is a finely-crafted nostril. There is a judicious and careful placement of values, order and dimensionality.
The painting achieves individuality, a sense of self, by its brushwork and it is characterized by precision and detail.
It is an artistic glimpse into the mind of a very curious entity.

Marnie Bachuk Untitled
Untitled has a pleasing, grainy monochromatic design with a center of interest in the left upper quadrant.
This is a world of texture upon texture, layer over layer, soft mottled passages, overprinted with swirls and lines.
This is where random, unplanned serendipity resides and meets a simulated, abstract and invented surface.


Rylie Snedden Unmasked
“Unmasked” is a painting that frames emotion into a portrait of confident technical ability.
It finds a balanced use of light and dark contrasts, appropriate to the mood conveyed.
Expressive strokes, lost and found, hard and soft edges are woven into a transition of values and shapes.
This painting captivates and offers a glimpse into an important hidden message.

Tanya Najib Delicate
“Delicate” is a thoughtful work, fresh and eye-catching.
It has a pleasing division of space, a variation in the use of line that is orderly yet innovative.
The expression is one of poignancy, the capturing of a mood in a moment in time.

Afraa Alam Kehlani
“Kehlani” is an honest painting of clarity, with a portrait subject of sparkle and style.
The use of colour is warm and pleasing and is consistent with the dramatic flair of the artwork.
Technical ability is strong and confident.

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Sponsors and Partners:

Please contact us if you would like to be a sponsor of this established juried art show in Ajax. INFO SHEET


The PineRidge Arts Council reserves the right to photograph the artists and artwork for publicity, web posting and other not-for-profit purposes.


Valerie Kent2019 Juror ~ Valerie Kent, BFA, BEd, MFA

Valerie paints in acrylic, oil, watercolour and mixed media. She enjoys working with and encouraging experimentation in her workshops. Her art is a combination of en plein air and studio work. She loves the landscape and has melded the two in her “The Marketplace Series”. Recently she facilitated workshops in Terrasson Lavilledieu (Dordogne) France, Loyalist College, and Luc's Sculpture Studio where she teaches Pouring Fluid Acrylics, monthly. She teaches Acrylic Painting and Watercolour Painting at the Continuing Education Department at Trent University. Ms. Kent has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Canada, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, China. Her work was exhibited at The Seoul District Prosecutor 1F, Naru Display Gallery, Korea.

Valerie is the Director and owner of Cavan Art Gallery & Academy in Cavan, Ontario. 
She writes for ARABELLA, Art, Architecture & Design magazine and for various website journals in Amsterdam, Spain and Italy. | | 705 944 9444

JASWith regret we announce that the Juried Art Show for 2020 is Cancelled.
In this time of uncertainty, for the protection of our volunteers and for the protection of our community PineRidge Arts Council wishes to advise the 2020 Juried Art Show is officially cancelled. This decision was made after much consideration and discussion. We thank everyone for their support over the past 20 years and we look forward to "business as usual in 2021".

If you are looking for "D" rings for your artwork, you can find them at Home Depot and Rona.

2019 Awards

Angela Hennessey • I Promise to Write
Garry Herridge • The Mighty Oak
Sheila Davis • All That Jazz
Rosemary Oliver • Woven Woodland
Ian Winton • After The Game
Glenda Amodeo • Mixed Media Abstract (#5)
Wayne Lovett • The Mitsio, Nosy Be,
Madagascar Dive Wreck

Cheryl Bannister • WHAZ UP!
Marni Bachuk • Untitled

Rylie Snedden • Unmasked
Tanya Najib • Delicate
Afraa Alam • Kehlani

2019 Accepted into the Show

Afraa Alam Kehlani
Saba Ambreen Moon Light
Glenda Amodeo
Mixed Media Abstract (#5)
Mixed Media Collage (#2)

Marni Bachuk Untitled
Cheryl Bannister WHAZ UP!
Marjata Beasley Undercurrents
Laurie Benson Harbingers
Robert Bourke Waiting for a Fare
Susan Brown Reflections
Mandy Budan The Emperor
Chas Burke Gaea and Progeny
Marie Butt N.F.L.D. House Party
Aisha Chiguichon Cork Potpourri
Charles Choi “My Studio”
Clarrie Chu Betamorphoses
Cathy Clark 4 Little Goslings
Linda E. Cole Wet & Wild
Diane Daigle Horse Power
Tanya Davio Spring Fling
Sheila Davis All That Jazz
Mina Daya Mother’s Comfort
Sabrina Ebenreth Mother of Dragons
Gary Faulkner Tea & a Good Book
Brenda Fountain Megan’s Nightmare
Victoria Froats Mystic Night
Sasha Gobin-Persad
The Hands of Faith
Rob Graham Hydro
Stephanie Handy Phthalo Green
Angela Hennessey I Promise to Write
Garry Herridge Shooting the Rapids
The Mighty Oak

Robert Hinves Rust Bucket
Rola Jaber The Alignment
Alma Kelley Horse’s Breath

Wayne Lovett The Mitsio, Nosy Be,
Madagascar Dive Wreck

Maureen Lowry Thinking
Connie Maglioli Wishes
Ramona Marquez-Ramraj
Wind Messing Up My Hair
Doreen McRae Spillikins
Lisa Mitchell All the Colours
Joan Moss “Here I am”
Tanya Najib Delicate
Natalie Najib Wonder Woman
Rita Naras Private Island
Rosemary Oliver Woven Woodland
Allan O’Marra
Fishermen–South Boundary Lake
Debbie Parrott Leaving The Louvre
A Moment in Time

Jan Pettafor Red Panda
Lorrie Priddle Rainy Istanbul
Sunlit Suzanna
Nedda Riva Zaharelos
Sense Perception
Lesa Robertson Kodiak
Elizabeth Sale Waterborne Sunset
Elaine Saliani Love Is
Hans Schuster Hidden Hallways
Rylie Snedden Unmasked
Lopa Soni Peacock
Margaret Taylor Apples & Innocence
Delvea Tuff Beach Bums
Nikky Vos Alongside the Railroad
Jasmine Ward L’arc De Triomphe
Dale Wheeler Swamp Donkey
Gordon Wilson Beauty with Age
Ian Winton After The Game

McLean Community Centre
95 Magill Drive | Ajax | L1T 3K7

2019 The not so fine print

PineRidge Arts Council Terms of Eligibility

All works must be appropriately presented

Maximum width, single piece, dyptych or triptych including any framing, is 102 cm (40")
Maximum weight, including glass, frame, etc. 9.1 kg (20 lbs.)
Minimum image width, 20.32 cm (8")
• Each must have .635 cm (1/4") minimum O or D-rings or screw eyes (no sawhooks) on both sides at the back of the entry, placed not more than one third down from the top of the frame. Our hooks go through these rings or eyes, not the wire. See HERE for where to purchase D-Rings.
NEW Gallery canvas must have finished edges, canvases less than 3.81 cm (1.5") must be framed.
• Wet art will not be accepted for entry.
• No artwork will be accepted at the McLean Community Centre desk.
• No photography, but the Juried Photography Exhibition will be back in 2020.

Artists’ eligibility and responsibility
The Annual PineRidge Arts Council Juried Art Show is open to all members of PRAC and/or residents of Durham Region.
• Due to limitations of space, a maximum of two pieces of work will be accepted from each artist – explanations of the piece cannot be displayed.
• Insurance coverage for the work submitted is the responsibility of the artist, PRAC or Town of Ajax are not responsible for loss or damage.
• Artwork should not be entered unless the artist can arrange for it to be delivered and picked up on the required dates and times.

Eligibility of artwork
• Art previously exhibited at a PRAC Juried Art Show will not be accepted.
Only original work (no copies of works by other visual artists, whether paintings, illustrations or classroom works which have been demonstrated on by instructors) may be submitted.
• Artwork must remain in the McLean Community Centre until Sunday, November 24, 2019 when the show is complete.

The PineRidge Arts Council reserves the right to photograph the artists and artwork for publicity, web posting and other not-for-profit purposes.

• $22 entry fee for PRAC members for up to two entries.
• $32 entry fee for non-PRAC members for up to two entries.
• $12 youth entries (age 13 to 19) for up to two entries.
• All entry fees are non-refundable.


Please contact us if you would like to be a sponsor of this established juried art show in Ajax. INFO SHEET


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The PineRidge Arts Council reserves the right to photograph the artists and work for publicity, web posting and other not-for-profit purposes. •




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