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McLean Community Centre Exhibitions

McLean Community Centre, Ajax


McLean Community Centre
95 Magill Drive 
Ajax, Ontario
L1T 3K7

Open to the public
Monday to Friday  
6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
and on Saturday and Sunday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Admission is free.


Exhibitions are part of
"Art in Public Places"


We thank the Town of Ajax for their support.

Town of Ajax

Ajax2018 Hanging space at the McLean Community Centre
95 Magill Drive, Ajax
DEADLINE NOV. 10, 2018

For information on exhibiting your art at either the McLean Community Centre or the Council Chambers Lobby at Town Hall, please contact 905-619-2529, ext. 7243. 

2018 applcaition now open, due November  10, 2017.
Call for 2018 Art Exhibitions Application - McLean Community Centre Gallery (forms are fillable PDF)

all for 2018 Art Exhibitions Application - Ajax Town Hall Gallery (forms are fillable PDF)


Jan. 8 to Feb. 18
Allan's Artists

Mar. 18 to Apr. 22 –
Allan O’Marra
15 Reasons to Live

Apr 22 to May 26 –
Juried Photography Exhibition

May 27 - July 8
Ajax Creative Arts

July 8 - August 12
Kay Hubbard

August 12 to September 9
Shirley Huang and Angela Wong

September 9 - October 21
Janice Brown and
 Jayshree Mina Daya

October 21 - November 24
PRAC Juried Art Show



Kay Hubbard

Kay Hubbard

Opening Reception: Sunday, July, 28 from 2-4 PM
at the McLean Centre

Kay is an award winning Watercolour artist. Cottage country and a love of nature combine to inspire her paintings which are often landscapes. She strives for her paintings to show places where one would love to be. She believes that painting is also about experimentation and having fun!

Her interest in painting began when she completed Art Education courses at the University of Illinois, where she was an undergraduate many years ago. Since then she has attended courses and workshops with many well-respected artists. Shelley Beach, Gordon MacKenzie and Tom Lynch have been especially influential. Their instruction and demos have added to her Watercolour mastery and inspired her work.

After a 46 year career she is now retired with time to paint on a daily basis and teach Watercolour painting. Kay has a doctorate in Adult Education and is an active Professional Certified Coach. Her art workshops use her skills as a professional Educator.

She is a member of the Toronto Watercolour Society, Station Gallery, PineRidge Arts Council, Volusia Palette and Brush Club and Daytona Beach Art League. She is a registered artist in Haliburton, Ontario and enjoys the privilege of courses at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts. Her paintings are on display at the Peppermill Restaurant in Minden, Ontario. She also annually participates in solo and group shows, both juried and non-juried.

Kay and her husband, Ulf, enjoy their Haliburton cottage in the Summer and escape to Florida in the Winter. They enjoy working crosswords, watching old movies, gardening and sitting on the patio, perhaps with a glass of wine. |

Shirley Huang

Shirley Huang

Shirley Huang was born in China and showed a great interest in art at an early age when she drew pictures on glass with ink, sold tickets for two pennies to her classmates so they could watch them being flashed on a wall. Shirley did this until she had enough money to buy paper and paints because, sadly, her interest in art was discouraged by a pragmatic father who insisted she stop dreaming of art and adopt a career which would earn money instead.

So Shirley put her dreams of becoming an artist away … although, being a good student, she studied art at university and, after graduation, got a job as art editor for a local newspaper. She fell in love, married an artist, they had a baby girl and Shirley concentrated on supporting her husband’s artistic career instead of her own. Then, in 1986, her husband was given an opportunity to study abroad, leaving Shirley behind to take care of their three-year-old daughter in China. However, when Shirley was able to join her husband in Canada three years later it was only to find that he had a new love in his life. Shirley was forced to divorce him, spoke very little English, had no money and nowhere to live. Life became a nightmare until she managed to get a manual job — working 10 hours a day — and rent a room in somebody’s basement.

After three years of hard work, earning just enough money to survive and put her child in kindergarten, Shirley was asked by a friend if she would teach her daughter to paint. The success of those classes brought in more students and, after five years, Shirley’s dream of making a career out of art became a reality. She joined the Art Guild of Scarborough for support and began producing beautiful dream-like landscapes and portraits. Now Shirley wins awards for her work and sells them just like the famous artist she always dreamed of becoming. Happily, she knows now that dreams sometimes really do come true.

Angela Wong

Angela Wong

Angela Wong’s Dream of Being an Artist Comes True

As a little girl in Hong Kong, realist painter, Angela Wong dreamed—KNEW—she wanted to be an artist. And that was encouraged by the fact that she often won best art awards in her junior classes. However, a severely pragmatic father wouldn’t have any of it, drilling into his daughter that employment and income—MONEY—were most important.

As a result, she stashed her dreams away and, with schooling competed, became a banker—starting out as a teller and, after courses and training, a financial adviser, helping people with their investments and mortgages.

In 1976, she moved to Canada—to Markham—and continued working in the banking business—with TD Bank—and raising a family, a boy and a girl. Ten years ago, while still employed at the bank, Angela started preparing herself for the artist she always wanted to be—at least in retirement—by taking a course in watercolours with Hi-Sook Barker and training in oils and acrylics in Haliburton summer workshops. And with retirement 5 years ago, the Scarborough artist began producing art in earnest and joining arts organizations (PRAC, Ajax Creative Arts and the Scarborough Arts Guild) for encouragement and resources. And showing work in their group exhibitions.

Wong works in acrylics, in the realist genre with subject matter ranging from birds, to florals to landscapes to horses to boats and their reflections. In a recent series, she painted piles of hats in several different canvases and other paintings full of shoes—even one with numerous umbrellas covered in water drops. To break into portrait painting, she bravely joined my Art-Escape weekend in the Bancroft area this past August and turned out lovely paintings of her two grandchildren.

She jokingly calls herself a “no-name” artist as she learns her craft and improves with each piece that comes off her easel. And prefers to sell her work to anonymous strangers because: “You know they are buying your art because they like it and want it rather than because they feel any kind of obligation to you.”  For a no-name, she has done very well, having sold 49 paintings and counting since she has been painting full-time. And draws closer and closer to fulfilling that dream of artistic achievement and recognition that had been shut down so many years ago.

See examples of Angela’s paintings and find her contact information on her web site at

Janice Brown

Janice Brown

 Jayshree Mina Daya .

Jayshree Mina Daya

Jayshree Mina Daya has nurtured a lifelong love of creative expression through painting and design. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, her art incorporates imagery of the nature and wildlife that she grew up surrounded by. Her love of beauty combines with her formal training in a Fine Art College in Mumbai, India , to create work that is fuelled by passion and steadied by technique. Mina has been painting for more than 30 years. Her creative style is constantly evolving as she enjoys experimenting and painting freely, but finds herself inexorably returning to the medium of acrylic and watercolour painting. She worked as an art teacher in a Montessori School in Pickering, Ontario.  She is passionate about art education and believes strongly in teaching both children and adults the skills that can enable them to draw and paint realistically. Mina chose to become a teacher because she wanted to work with people, especially young people. "I absolutely love their energy. I love helping them, watching them grow as artists, and getting to know them as individuals” !  Her artistic pursuits have branched into fashion design, children's art and  crafts, and embroidery and batiks. Mina’s background and diverse experience have blended seamlessly on programs facilitating countless art projects.  Nature and music are her main sources of inspiration.Most of her art relates  back to nature and it is very rare that she makes something without listening to music. She continues to seek opportunities to learn and collaborate with other artists. 

Experience and Involvement : 

  • Retired Art and crafts teacher at a local Montessori School in Pickering. 
    Volunteered with arts and crafts at the Artfest , Pickering.
    Organized and participated in kids art camps and after school art programmes.
    Organizer and Instructor at Paint Night parties.
    Instructor with the Autistic society in Durham region.
    Successfully participated in various art shows around Toronto. 
    *Member at Ajax Creative Arts Club, PineRidge Art Council, Art Guild of Scarborough and Scugog Art Council.

2109 PineRidge Arts Council Juried Art Show

2019 JAS poster


Featured Artists that have supported PRAC's
Art in Public Places Programme.

Thanks to Kim Michele, harpist for music on this video of our
Opening Reception.

Enid Roberts, Anne Labelle-Johnson and Tony Johnson, and Hi Sook Barker

Enid Roberts | Anne Labelle-Johnson and Tony Johnson | Hi-Sook Barker

Jocelyn Ball, Bob Thackeray and Hanneke Koonstra

Jocelyn Ball | Bob Thackeray | Hanneke Koonstra

Michael Peech, Don Hewitt, Hi Sook Barker, Nancy Howell, Angela Hennessey, Jessen Sheridan, Robert Hinves

Michael Peech | Don Hewitt | Hi-Sook Barker | Nancy Howell
Angela Hennessey | Jessen Sheridan | Bob Hinves


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