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OPG - Information Centre Art Exhibitions

OPG Info Centre

PineRidge Arts Council members’ exhibition schedule at

Ontario Power Generation Information Centre.
1675 Montgomery Park Road
Pickering, L1V 2R5 ON

open to the public
Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Admission is free.

Exhibitions are part of PRAC’s “Art in Public Places” initiative. We thank OPG for their support.


2019 Exhibitions

Jan. & Feb. – Nesrin Blair

March & May 6
Mary Jo Smith

May 6 and July 2
Jelena Zivkovic

July 2 and August 26
Charles Burke

August 26 to October 21
Summi Siddiqui

October 21 to December 16
Hal Bilz and Garry Herridge

Jelena Zivkovic

Jelena Zivkovic

Jelena was born and raised In Serbia. After graduating from nursing college, she worked for 4 years at a hospital for sickchildren. Happily, after meeting a vacationing Canadian Serb she moved to Canada, got married and began working on verifying her nursing diploma. Even though she continued with her nursing career, she always had a love and appreciation for art but never had the opportunity to follow her real passion for many years.

In 2016 after the tragic loss of her mother which necessitated a lot of travelling, her desire to create art was awakened. She began taking lessons, and in her spare time painted on her own while still working as a nurse. She was delighted that people who saw her work loved it and wanted to own it.

In October 2017 Jelena signed a contract with a Hollywood production and now one of her paintings is in the Hollywood movie A Simple Favour that played in theatres in 2018.

Jelena maintains a strong passion for art and design and feels that her unique ideas will break the boundaries of the ordinary as she continues to work towards her artistic vision for the future

Charles Burke

Charles Burke

Summi Siddiqui

Summi Siddiqui

Teacher–Artist–Writer–Performer–Travelling Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, Poet …..

Summi Siddiqui connects cultures beyond borders.

She travels around the world taking Canadian stories with her and returns with stories from places she visits.

Emerging from a family of poets, writers and artists, Summi was educated in England, India, France, Italy and Canada. This exposed her to international literature and arts, making it natural for her to create with her pen, her paint brush and her voice.

She has organised lectures and workshops for both children and adults in Toronto, India, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Oman. She has also held sessions at British Council Centers.

Her public speaking topics are both motivational and inspiring, family stories, memories and fun anecdotes with riddles and humor. She enjoys languages and translates her talks to adapt to her audience.

She writes and recites Haiku poems because their appeal lies in capturing the moment. This is reflected in her paintings, that have been exhibited in Durham.

She discusses what it is to be a travelling storyteller, so she can inspire the younger generation towards oral storytelling.

Her story, “Second Coming” has been included in “A second coming- Canadian Migration Fiction”.
She lives in Ajax with her husband, two daughters and a sphynx cat.

Hal Bilz

Hal Bilz

Garry Herridge

Garry Herridge

Featured Artists that have supported PRAC's
Art in Public Places Program.

Sharon Steinhaus| George Hadrbolec | Kim Robertson

Kim Robertson | Robert Hinves | Susan Hinnecke

Irene Leech | Cyril Cox | David Chamberlain

Top row from left: Bernie Bainbridge, Mia Azevedo, April Polak
Second Row: Rosemarie Sood, Phyllis Desjardins
Lower Row: Judith Jewer (Photo by Ruby Jewer), Don Hewitt and Shirley Heard



Since 1989 PineRidge Arts Council Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization has been dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts.

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