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Workshops, lessons, studios and more!

Whitevale Arts and Culture Centre

Marissa Sweet

SCA - Oshawa
Elected Member of Society of Canadian Artists'
Workshops in Mixed Media, Acrylic and Oil
To register and find class schedule please visit Marissa Sweet SCA

Judith Jewer

Art Lessons with Judith Jewer 905-839-7816
Blog of Student Work:

Joanie JonezJoanie Jonez Mobile Art From the Heart
•Healing Arts Workshops for both adults and kids - meditative and intention driven art projects to help navigate life's adversities.
•Children/Teen Birthday parties and fun days - age appropriate arts & craft projects for your kids to do and take home.
**$25 per person
**Group rate available
***supplies included

Fran Sancroft


Watch for lessons


Station GalleryStation Gallery

1450 Henry Street

LatchamThe Latcham Gallery

Pre-registration is required.
Call 905-640-8954 or visit the Gallery to register.
The Latcham Gallery
6240 Main Street
Stouffville, ON L4A 1E2

VACLearn At the VAC

for class descriptions
and to register online.


DWACPottery and Art classes
Pickering Recreation Centre
Potters Studio & Arts Centre
1867 Valley Farm Road
Pickering, Ontario
L1V 1Y7

Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery

GeorginaCheck out their workshops and programmes!
149 High Street, Box 1455
Sutton, ON | L0E 1R0
905-722-9587 |

WhitevaleClasses in wood carving, painting, knitting, garden accessories plus
contact Lloyd Thomas at


OpenStudioLife Drawing @ the Cafe

The cost for 3 hours sessions in Life Drawing is $18. and Still Life is $15.
Michèle Bolton
617 Liverpool Road
Pickering ON L1W1R1
905.420.CAFE (2233)

Shaw StudiosSarah Shaw

Shaw Studio

Sarah Shaw runs a home based art studio offering weekly art lessons to children (ages 6 and up) and adults in all mediums.
She also offers special events, birthday parties, adult painting parties, commissioned artwork and more!
Registration is always open.
Please visit the website for details.
905-431-1625 |
see workshops


Theatre 3x60Theatre 3x60

Durham Music Camp

Heather Toswell ~ Dare 2 Tangle

Heather Toswell

Inese Poga

Art plus LIFE Studio-Gallery
Downtown Whitby

126 Mary Street East, L1N 2P2
905 493 3143
Drawing, sketching, watercolor and acrylic for teens 10+
Once a week acrylic painting lessons for adults
Saturday Fun and Pleasure with acrylic for teens and adults
Daytime Color your day: acrylic and watercolor
Art therapy workshops

Catherine Mills

Nitram Fine Art Studios
1885 Clements Rd Unit 229
Intro to Oil Painting Foliage and Florals
October 29-30 ( Sat and Sun). November 5-6
9:30 to 4:30. 9:30 to 4:30
Materials Incl. $275 plus HST. Materials incl. $275 plus HST
t: 905-767-5596



CavanCavan Art Academy



This 8-week session concentrates on offering the kind of instruction that benefits each individual, whether the desire is to paint representational, abstracted, symbolic or pure abstract. You will paint on canvas, size depending on the individual needs of each artist in the group. Composition, colour theory, colour mixing, values, shapes and other elements and principles of design are addressed. Learning different ways to use acrylic paints are part of the program. You may use additives, pastes and gels with acrylic paints. You will paint art works that will surprise even you. There will be demonstrations, plus one-on-one instruction. This course is suitable for all levels.

Day: Mondays
Date: September 12 – October 31
Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Price: $240 for 8 weeks (24 Hours)
Levels: All levels

Watercolour is an enjoyable, lovable, magical medium that combines that which is carefully planned and structured with the unknown element that comes out to play in serendipity and creates a little of the known, hand-in-hand with a little of the unknown. It is a medium for the adventurous: monarchs, prime ministers, artists, figure skaters, aviators, housewives, househusbands, in equal measure males and females, amateurs and professionals, the learned and the experimenters all over the globe. To do a watercolour painting can be something that can be executed on the spur of the moment or worked on in the studio for months. The artwork may be elephant size or minutely miniature.

There is no one way of painting in watercolour and the rules are all made to be broken, or maybe there never were any. The effects achieved depend on the brand, the papers, the brushes and one of the most important elements, the amount of water. It is often called the most difficult medium, but also it is called the easiest. You will paint watercolours that are boldly contemporary abstracts. Also on the roster are en plein air watercolours which can be abstracting landscapes or more traditional pieces. You will experiment with brilliant primary colours, analogous colours, complementary colours and in artist greys. You may concentrate on shapes, patterns, textures and collagedpieces. You can paint on paper, panel or canvas. You can paint birds, trees, fruits, figures or no images at all. Look around our world and you can always find another subject and another way of handling the painting of it.

Day: Tuesdays
Date: September 13 – November 1

Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm or 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Price: $240 for 8 weeks (24 Hours)
Levels: All levels.

Learn to paint beautiful art works. This is an acrylic class for all levels highlighted by personal attention and demonstrations. You will work on abstracted landscapes using symbolic representations of nature. You will paint pure abstract images incorporating texture, colour theory, values, shapes plus the careful use of composition. You will experiment with the “how to” of using additives to the acrylic paint repertoire to create exciting effects and make your work unique. Explore a range of acrylic gels, pastes and other acrylic products. Using bold strokes you will surprise yourself with what you will know how to do after a very short time.
Day: Wednesdays
Date: September 14 – November 2
Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm or 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Price: $240 for 8 weeks (24 Hours)

There is an enjoyment that accompanies a satisfying creative experience and putting a new twist to a beloved activity, such as watercolour painting, is one such experience. You will use various means and resources for inspiration and to help you soar away from what you may have done previously. The act of painting is abstract in itself so it is not really a huge stretch. Learning to paint beautiful art works using good Composition, colour, shapes and values will help you get there. There so many ways to paint: wet in wet, wet on dry, loose and/or detailed. So many options. Demonstrations and one-on-one attention is part of the program. Suitable for all Levels.
Day: Thursdays
Date: September 15 – November 3
Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Price: $240 for 8 weeks (24 hours)
Level: All levels


You would love to paint and have wanted to do it for a long time. Well, this is your chance to enjoy a morning with others who have always wanted to do this too. It really is even better, even more fun than you thought it would be. In this course you will get to learn all the techniques and tips that will help you now and in the long run. You will learn your colours and the theory that will make your compositions better and easier. You will know which brush to use and how much water to put on your special watercolour paper. Learning to relax and enjoy what you are doing is really a major part of this course. There will be step by step instruction and ongoing demonstrations. There is help every step of the way. You will enjoy the process which is the most important part.
Day: Fridays
Date: September 16 – November 4
Time: 9:30 – 12:30 pm `Mornings Only
Price $240 for 8 weeks (24 Hours)

Oct. 1 and 2nd and so very much to see and do. This is still a call for artists to register to participate in the outdoor painting and competition. Everyone is welcome to come and see the artists at work, to see the jamboree and also to
be at the Awards Ceremony and Reception (light refreshments). There will be lots of children's hands-on art activities.
Fresh off the easel sale on Sunday so you can take paintings you saw being painted home with you. Register for $25

Please come and visit the Cavan Art Gallery with new works by the artists...
1535 County Road 10 Cavan ON L0A 1C0 705 944 9444





If you are a PineRidge Arts Council member and offer lesson packages and workshops, you are welcome to have it posted here. Just let us know.


The PineRidge Arts Council is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhance the quality of life
within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts since 1989.

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