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Batten Disease Sculpture

Can you help us find out more about K.S.Oliver ~ CENSUS FIVE

For 2021 PineRidge Arts Council will present a series in ArtScene and on this website, Sculptures of Durham.

We are currently at a loss as to who K.S. Oliver is and wondered what the form represents. We hope someone could help.

We see reference to what we assume is this sculpture in Toronto's CITYFORMS from 1978. At that time it was in the Courtyard of Delisle Court, but it is no longer there. CITYFORMS ~ page 6 #125

Thanks to the Delisle Court Property Management their archives shows the 1975 Architect for Delisle Court was Henno Sillaste. Mr. Sillaste passed away in 2013 and we are unable to find out the name of the art consultant he might have brought in.

We understand that it came to Pickering in the '80s and installed in the park in 2004.

There is reference to this sculpture on page 6 in Pickering News Advertiser's June 2004 issue HERE "Keep an eye out for vandals".

After it was vandalized city works department reinforced the flat-plane wings with angle iron.

KS Oliver maquetteThanks to L. Zysman for this photo of an Oliver maquette dated 1975.

Please drop us a line if you can help with any info on this sculptor to



CENSUS FIVE by K.S. Oliver

Batten Disease Memorial Sculpture

Sculptor: K.S.Oliver CENSUS FIVE


This memorial is dedicated to all the children who have lost or will lose their lives to Batten Disease

Decicated June 2004
May a Cure be Found
Presented in Loving Memory of
Dylan James Carr
May 1992 to August 2002
by his family

Located in Progress Frenchman's Bay East Park

According to City of Pickering records, the art is supposed to be a plane propeller or a wing. It was placed in memory of a grandson that died from Battens disease and he always wanted to fly.

Sculptor K.S.Oliver CENSUS FIVE

Page six refers to sculpture

If anyone knows how to contact the sculptor please let me know.

photography by Mary Cook, Pickering


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