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Anne Jackson, Hi Sook Barker (66kb) AGM guests (64kb) AGM guests (68kb) AGM guests (66kb) Anja Knuuttila, Sharon Meredith, Don HIghtower and AGM guests (56kb)
AGM guest and Lisa Warth (52kb) AGM guests singing with East Side Harmony Chorus (52kb) Cherly Banister, Kim Robertson, Phyllis Desjardins (65kb) Hanneke Koonstra, Cheryl Bannister, Kim Robertson (62kb) Don Terry, Tony Doyle, Gary Faulkner, Chris, Mike Ruta (32kb)
Don Terry, Tony Dole, Gary Faulkner, Chris, Mike Ruta (37kb) AGM guests (64kb) Rosalea and Dave Johnson, Joanne Dies (27kb) Carolyne Pascoe, Susan Lindo, Alpheus Jones (42kb) Joanne Dies, Rose Mary Parish, Mike Polak, Gary Faulkner (61kb)
Angie Littlefield, Bill McLean, Mayor Dave Ryan (54kb) Angie Littlefield, Bill McLean, Dave Ryan, Jacquie McInnes, Dave Johnson (57kb) Thanks from April Polak to guest speaker Kristen Stevens (57kb) Bob Bourke, Don Terry (61kb) Irene Cant and hubby (55kb)
April Polak and Cathy Schnippering (43kb) April Polak (29kb) April Polak, Cathy Schnippering, Gwen Williams (47kb) Tony Doyle, Cathy Schnippering, Mike Ruta (45kb) Pickering's Mayor Dave Ryan (41kb)
David Chamberlain at the bar (50kb) Don Terry, Jacquie McInnes (52kb) AGM guests (58kb) East Side Harmony Chorus (66kb) East Side Harmony Chorus (38kb)
Kristin Stevens Music Director of Eastside Harmony Chorus (56kb) Eastside Harmony Chorus (59kb) Eastside Harmony Chorus (60kb) Eastside Harmony Chorus (59kb) Eastside Harmony Chorus applaud their director (52kb)
Eastside Harmony Chorus (47kb) Eastside Harmony Chorus (48kb) Eastside Harmony Chorus (58kb) Edward Falkenberg, David Stone (37kb) Don Hightower, Bob Hinves (50kb)
Hi Sook Barker, Anne Jackson (56kb) John Raynard, Susan Lindo, Gary Faulkner (48kb) Lisa Warth, Marilou Murray (49kb) Lou Schnippering selling raffle tickets to April Polak's Mayors David Ryan and Steve Parish (36kb)
Mike Ruta (44kb) Kim Robertson, Bob Hinves, Cheryl Bannister (51kb) Rosemary Parish, Mike Polak (59kb) Ruth Walker, Ingrid Ruthig (48kb) Ajax Mayor Steve Parish (45kb)
David Stone, Ivo Azevedo, Bill McLean (39kb) David Stone, Sharon Steinhaus (32kb) Angie, Bill, Steve AGM guests (46kb)  

Photography by Mary Cook


The PineRidge Arts Council is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhance the quality of life
within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts since 1989.

PineRidge Arts Council
650 Kingston Road
P.O. Box 18258 Steeple Hill Postal Outlet
Pickering, Ontario L1V 1A0


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