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2023 Juried Photography Exhibition

2023 Show

2023 Juried Photography Exhibition

We are looking for a new chair for our 2024 exhibition, if this interests you, drop us a line.

2024 DATES
Deadline to enter TBA
Artwork Delivery ~ April 21, 2024
Awards and Opening Reception ~ May 2, 2024
Pick-up of Artwork ~ May 26, 2024

First Prize for 2024 will be the Ian Archer Award


McLean Community Centre
95 Magill Dr., Ajax L1T 3K7

2023 PHOTOS | 2023 Programme


2020 On-Line Show ONLY
To see the images accepted into the show please check HERE.

Doesn't your photography belong in this show?

2019 Programme HERE
2019 Photos on PineRidge Arts
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2019 Web Page HERE | 2018 Web page HERE

Over $2500 in Cash Awards

Doesn't your photography belong in this show?

McLean Community Centre
95 Magill Dr., Ajax
L1T 3K7

Thanks to our 2023 sponsors and partners!

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2020 On-Line Show ONLY
To see the images accepted into the show please check HERE.

2019 Juried Photography Exhibition
2018 Juried Photography Exhibition
PHOTOS: Take-in Day | Opening Reception
Snapd Ajax | Ajax News Advertiser

2017 Juried Photography Exhibition FACEBOOK Awards | Evening
2016 Juried Photography Exhibition FACEBOOK Awards | Evening
2015 Juried Photography Exhibition | 2015 PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK
2014 Juried Photography Exhibition









Ryan Hammond
Two Paychecks From Poverty
PRAC Award

Maretha Lottering
Bravely beyond the Covid-door
OPG Award

Michael Redhawk Lavender
The Wolf
Enbridge Pipelines Award

Ross Colby
Puffin Twins
Durham West Arts Centre
Foundation Award

Vanessa Young
Meet the Bluebirds
Mayor's Award

Rhoni Speed
Muskoka Sunrise
Award of Excellence

Heather Nicholson
Stepping Through History - Porto Cathedral
Honourable Mention


Dylan Banks
Sauble Sunset
Mayor's Youth Award

Stephane Najib
Nature's Reflections
Award of Excellence Youth


Lee Abernethy ~ Tea With Alice
Lee Abernethy ~ Sultans of Singh at Pickering Village JAMFest 2022
William Balfour ~ Sly as a Fox
William Balfour ~ Unconditional
Dylan Banks ~ Flower Droplets
Dylan Banks ~ Sauble Sunset
Tim Bellhouse ~ On Painted Water
Tim Bellhouse ~ First Ice
Zachary Bird ~ Shadow Affect
Zachary Bird ~ Views from the 6ix
Douglas Burrell ~ Aurora at Buckhorn Lake
Douglas Burrell ~ Sunset in Porto
Jennifer Burrows ~ You talkin' to me?
Joseph Capo ~ The Illusions that Crowds make
Joseph Capo ~ To Another Year
Ross Colby ~ Puffin Twins
Bonnie Cutten ~ Cardinal Crimson
Khushi Desai ~ Serenity
Khushi Desai ~ Prey
Gerome Dulalas ~ The Last Hurrah
Gerome Dulalas ~ Hope
Robert Fisher ~ The Breath of Life
Harper Forbes ~ A Portrait in Isoloation
Sharon Foster ~ Morning Jewels
Sharon Foster ~ Pine Marten
Cindy Gauley ~ Tiny Defender
Stephen Godin ~ Archaic View
Stephen Godin ~ Across
Ryan Hammond ~ Two Paychecks From Poverty
Ryan Hammond ~ Okay Driver Take Me Home
Catherine Hawthorn ~ Chem Trail
Heather Jakobsen ~ The Lunge
Heather Jakobsen ~ Blue on Blue
Nick Janushewski ~ Red Shouldered Hawk
Nick Janushewski ~ Clarks Nutcracker
Sharon Janushewski ~ Confederation Bridge
Sharon Janushewski ~ Mesquite Dunes
Jacqueline La Frano ~ Grocery Store Flowers
Jacqueline La Frano ~ Grocery Store Flowers - White on Black
Michael Redhawk Lavender ~ The Wolf
Michael Redhawk Lavender ~ The Watcher of the Woods
Sabrina Leeder ~ Repressed Voice
Sabrina Leeder ~ Reclaimed Voice
Maretha Lottering ~ Bravely beyond the Covid-door
Maretha Lottering ~ Girl with a Pearl Earring
Loryn Mitchell ~ Pink Lady
Loryn Mitchell ~ Peek-A-Boo
Stephane Najib ~ Nature's Reflections
Heather Nicholson ~ Stepping Through History - Porto Cathedral
Bruce Priestman ~ Cat's Cradle
Bruce Priestman ~ Sudden Cloud
Anjalie Rampersad ~ Look into my Eyes
Spring Reilly ~ Woman in Silhouette
Peter Simon ~ Hanging Out to Dry
Peter Simon ~ Look Both Ways
Rhoni Speed ~ Muskoka Sunrise
Rhoni Speed ~ Foggy Sunrise
Russell Styles ~ B 'n B
Russell Styles ~ Sat on the Fringe of Control
Laura Willems ~ Once Was a Cowboy
Laura Willems ~ More Than "Just" a Fence
Vanessa Young ~ Powderham Castle
Vanessa Young ~ Meet the Bluebirds

AWARDS PRESENTATION AND OPENING RECEPTION The Awards Presentation and Opening Reception will be held on Thursday, May 4, beginning at 7 pm at the McLean Community Centre, 95 Magill Drive, Ajax. All exhibition entrants are encouraged to attend.




2023 Juror Randy Nickerson

Randy Nickerson

Randy has been a freelance photographer for the last 20 years shooting for such publications as The Oshawa Express, Snapd Newspaper and Neighbour Today. As a certified O3C judge he has judged over 100 local, national and international contests. Recently he has received his A.F.I.A.P designation (Artist of the Federation of International Artists & Photographers) in addition to winning several international recognitions for his work. Canadian National Skating Championships, Ontario Parasport Games and the Oshawa Generals are just some of the events that make up his portfolio.


Susan Brown


To all photographers and photo art lovers. It was an honour to review the photos
submitted and to be a part of the displays now on exhibit. Photography is an
ever-changing art form that forces you to keep learning and adapting. You can
see that in the photos that were submitted. Every genre was covered from creative
to nature to landscape to street.
I look at photography as a study of light as much as a study of content. Many of
the photos submitted stood out because of the way the photographer saw the
light and used it to their advantage.
One of the pieces of advice I try and pass on is to ask yourself “why did I take
this photo?” If you can ensure that the viewer can answer that question you are
halfway there to a great photo.
Another thing to remember is that photography judging is very subjective. Don’t let a bad score or a negative critique deter you from taking more and more
photos. A proper review of a photograph should outline the good and what can
be improved. We all can have our egos bruised but if you can just take the accurate parts of the review and use it to improve your craft you will find more and
more photos that become your favourites.
Congratulations to all the people who opened themselves up and submitted
their work. I also want to compliment the photographers that will win an award
tonight. I got inspired just having the chance to look through your photos.
Randy Nickerson

Frame mounting

The O or D rings should be securely installed on the FRAME.

The metal buttons/tabs that hold the backing into the frame MUST be fully into the frame.

If you are looking for "D" rings for your artwork, you can find them at Home Depot and Rona.

If you are using frames with built in tabs on the backing, please be sure they are securely inserted into the groves on the frame. Glass and matting can off-set the connection.


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