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2015 call for photography

2014 Juror ~ Tony Florio


Congratulations to PineRidge Arts Council on its 1st Juried Photography Exhibition! It is an honour to be the juror for this first-rate competition and I would like to thank the PineRidge Arts Council for inviting me.

Given the large number of entries and some scheduling challenges, I was assisted by Lance Gitter, an accomplished photographer and experienced judge, who did the initial screening. My sincere thanks goes to Lance for his valuable help.

I enjoyed the opportunity to see and judge images of such a wide variety of subject matter and was impressed both by the artistic and technical qualities of the top images, particularly in the adult division.
Although the subject matter of the entries was diverse, I did notice an overall scarcity of portraits. I would also recommend that a greater emphasis be placed on attracting youth entrants in future exhibitions.
Congratulations to all the winners and makers of accepted photographs!

To those who did not receive an acceptance – don’t be discouraged, but consider this a learning experience. Photography is a continual journey of learning. And the more you practice to hone your skills, the better your images will become.

Most of all continue to enjoy your photography!


Tony Florio has been an avid photographer for over 40 years. He is a published photographer who has won numerous awards for his outstanding images.

Accredited as a judge by the Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs, Tony is an active board member and past president of the prestigious Toronto Digital Photography Club. Over the past 12 years he has gained invaluable experience and demonstrated exemplary skills in his judging for both local and international competitions. He is widely recognized for his objectivity, his impartiality, and his understanding and appreciation of both the technical and artistic merits of what makes a great photograph.
PRAC could not have found a better individual to serve as juror.

Thank you to all 95 of you who entered 452 images to the first Juried Photography Exhibition!


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2014 Award Winners

• FIRST PLACE PineRidge Arts Council Award
“American Redstart”
Sharon Janushewski

• SECOND PLACE Robert Aldsworth’s Photo World Award
”RGBY Tropical Shots”
Bharat Mistry

• THIRD PLACE Oshawa Camera Club Award
”Manhattan Across the East River”
Bharat Mistry

• HONOURABLE MENTION Framing Dames Award
”Guitar Kings”
Randy Nickerson

• FIRST PLACE PineRidge Arts Council Award
“Emerald Lake Outlet”
Patrick Kulin

• SECOND PLACE The Friends of Algonquin Park Award
”Morant’s Curve”
Patrick Kulin

• THIRD PLACE Town of Ajax Award
“February Shoreline”
Daniel Iannuzzi

• HONOURABLE MENTION Framing Dames Award
”Up Close and Personal”
Shaylin Conroy

Thanks to our sponsors.

2014 sponsors for Juried Photography Exhibition

2020 On-Line Show ONLY
To see the images accepted into the show please check HERE.

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2014 Juried Photography Exhibition






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Event photos on Facebook




2014 Congratulations to:

Denise Alexander
Edeline Angrove
Godofredo Baylon
Carly Benjamin
Robert Bourke
Cyrus David
Stephanie Irwin
Sharon Janushewski
Nick Janushewski
Andrew Kulin
Roger Langley
Anna Leggatt
Kim Lowes
Bharat Mistry
Paul Mitchell
Randy Nickerson
Candace Notman
Larry Parsons
Leif Petersen
Janet Peters-Varley
Bruce Priestman
Fred Sewell
Allan Short
Mary Talbot
Theo Tan
Monica Taylor
Norm Ullock
Jane Walker
Denise Wilkins
Ron Yuzark

Nabeela Bhaloo
Shaylin Conroy
Gwyneth Dalzell
Daniel Iannuzzi
Althea Krebelj
Patrick Kulin
Ashna Misra


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