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OPG - Information Centre Art Exhibitions

OPG Info Centre

PineRidge Arts Council members’ exhibition schedule at

Ontario Power Generation Information Centre.
1675 Montgomery Park Road
Pickering, L1V 2R5 ON

open to the public
Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Admission is free.

Exhibitions are part of PRAC’s “Art in Public Places” initiative. We thank OPG for their support.


2019 Exhibitions

Jan. & Feb. – Nesrin Blair

March & May 6
Mary Jo Smith

May 6 and July 2
Jelena Zivkovic

July 2 and August 26
Charles Burke

August 26 to October 21
Elizabeth Lowe

October 21 to December 16
Hal Bilz and
Garry Herridge


January & February
Kaitlin Sabean-Untermann

March & April
Robert Hinves

Hal Bilz

Hal Bilz

After retiring from a forty year career in Advertising as a Designer /Illustrator, Hal has directed his considerable artistic talents toward Fine Art.
Although having worked in other mediums it is Watercolour that has become his passion.

To experience the company of fellow artists, Hal along with his wife Jean, an Artist and his best critic, joined and became active members of AGS, TWS, PRAC and CedarRidge art groups. Through these unions his watercolour skills progressed and he began exhibiting, winning awards and selling his paintings.

Hal's Artwork form part of private collections throughout Canada and the USA
Besides painting, working with wood as an art form was a skill that would inevitably attract him as his father a Master Carpenter, supplied an abundance of wood scraps for him during his young years. Hal built and restored antique furniture, made toys, doll houses with miniature furnishings, for his three
children and now seven grand children along with some interesting wood carvings. Over the last thlrtv-flve years a collection of hand built World War One and Two, balsa wood model airplanes have become a battle scene hanging from the ceiling of his studio.

Being an ardent reader, the idea of writing piqued Hals creative juices. Prior to his retirement he began writing short stories and children's fairy tales in rhyme, which he illustrated. For his own pleasure and that of his children and grandchildren, [hopefully] the writing continues with little or no thoughts
towards stopping or publishing.

Having an in ground back yard pool removed, Hal was intrigued with the idea of building a fish pond and waterfall to replace it. The pond is now inhabited with shoulder to shoulder Gold Fish and Kois with ever increasing numbers each year. The pond, naturally spurred on a keen interest in gardening, leading Hal and Jean to join and become active members of a local Garden Club. The back yard is now filled with growing things and any visit to the pond, which is daily, constitutes three to four hours of digging, trimming and pulling weeds from the surrounding garden.

Hal is always open to any new hobby suggestions to fill up his spare time. or

Garry Herridge

Garry Herridge

Garry was always interested in drawing and he still has the set of dresser drawers with one of his earliest preschool drawings on the inside of the first drawer created using his mom’s lipstick. Later his parents bought him a drawing kit “Learn How to Draw” by John Nagy, who had a TV program of the same name. He graduated from the University of Toronto/Scarborough College with an Honours BA majoring in Fine Art. From 1975 until retiring in 2007 Garry taught Visual Art for the Toronto District School Board. In 1980 he became the Head of Visual Arts at Eastern High School of Commerce and instructed watercolour painting for the Toronto District School Board in Toronto from 1985 to 1999. During the summers from 1992 to 1995 Garry taught a workshop called "The Horse in Art" at the Mandala Riding and Awareness Centre in Hampton, Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy, the first course like this in North America.

Garry was always making drawings, paintings and sculptures of his children when they were growing up and now gets great pleasure in looking at those works throughout his house. While drawing has always been his major love, in 1982 he began working in watercolour. He belongs to The Toronto Watercolour Society where he is a signature member, the Art Guild of Scarborough where he was President from 2012 to 2018 and the Pine Ridge Arts Council. He is also a past member of the Canadian Association of Equine Artists and Supporters and the Don Valley Art club.
Garry has received many awards and his artwork has been purchased by such notable individuals as Karen Kain and Gerry Phillips M.P. as well as the Canadian Embassy of Beijing.

Caitlin Sabean-Untermann

Caitlin Sabean-Untermann

Caitlin Sabean-Untermann grew up in Pickering, Ontario raised by a family with a great appreciation for art, history, culture and nature. Her travel bug started early and she quickly developed a passion for capturing the details of the locations she visited.

While living in Nimes, France, Caitlin got to witness the work and life of her host father, a journalist by day and fine art photographer in his spare time. It was during this year that she decided to try pursuing for capturing her passion for photography professionally.

She continued pursuing her passions studying in Ryerson University’s journalism program, and was taught photojournalism by renowned Canadian photojournalist Peter Bregg. Peter convinced Caitlin to leave behind journalism and use her talents in a pursuit of fine art.

Caitlin has continued growing her skills and participating in local shows. She took a break from 2016-2017 to get married and go on her honeymoon, where she spent a month in Japan, which completely captured her imagination and heart. Caitlin has now returned to participating in local shows with full force, focusing her passion on a portfolio of architectural, industrial, travel and nature images, and a love of combining her images with specialty printing materials like metal and wood. And she likes to lead with her Japan collection.


Robert Hinves

Robert Hinves

Featured Artists that have supported PRAC's
Art in Public Places Program.

Sharon Steinhaus| George Hadrbolec | Kim Robertson

Kim Robertson | Robert Hinves | Susan Hinnecke

Irene Leech | Cyril Cox | David Chamberlain

Top row from left: Bernie Bainbridge, Mia Azevedo, April Polak
Second Row: Rosemarie Sood, Phyllis Desjardins
Lower Row: Judith Jewer (Photo by Ruby Jewer), Don Hewitt and Shirley Heard



Since 1989 PineRidge Arts Council Inc., a not-for-profit volunteer organization has been dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts.

PineRidge Arts Council
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